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Auxiliary substance OP-10 (GOST 8433-81)

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Wetting agent OP-10 (auxiliary substance) is a highly effective surfactant, intended for use as an active base detergents for technical purposes, effective wetting agent, emulsifier. It is widely used in various industries. Therefore, this is used as a wetting and emulsifying surfactant in a variety of technological processes, as well as for removing complex organic contaminants, fatty proteins, minerals by various types and washing methods.

OP-10 wetting agent is a hard combustible and non-explosive product.

Name of indicators Norm Test result
1. Appearance at room temperature(20-25) Thick translucent liquid from light to yellow color Resp.
2. Indicator of the activity of hydrogen ions in the solution pH 6,0-9,5 6,9
3. Acid number, mg, KOH/g of the substance, not more 15 4
4. Mass fraction of water, % not more 50 47
5. Specific weight, g/cm3, not less 1,05 1,06
6. Mass fraction of the main substance 35 53

Advantages of OP-10 Wetting Agent according to GOST 8433-81

Advantages of OP-10 Wetting Agent according to GOST
Packaging: The wetting agent is packaged in plastic barrels up to 200 kg in agreement with the consumer. Advantages of OP-10 wetting agent according to GOST:
- The price LOWER by more than 30% in comparison with analogues!
- It is well soluble in water!
- Convenient container (polyethylene barrel that can withstand low temperatures (up to -50°C) and high (+80°C) temperatures
-Transportation of the OP-10 wetting Agent can be performed by all types of transport
- It has a lower thickening temperature of -20° C (wetting agent OP-10 according to GOST +15° C)
-It is a non-flammable, non-explosive product!
-The OP-10 wetting agent according to TU is made on the basis of Sulfanol.
- Terms of shipment is pickup.
-  Shelf life is 2 years.

We also produce
BaSO4, Barium Sulphate

Information about of barium sulfate

Application As a weighting agent for drilling fluids. Also in various industries: in paint and varnish, glass, in the manufacture of plastics, friction materials, linoleum, rubber, insulating materials, barium salts, as protection against ionizing radiation, such as X-ray cabinets, in the preparation of heavy ПАВ используются для разделения целлюлозы при переработке использованной бумаги.

Production method It is made from gravitational barite concentrate of the Chiganak deposit

Classification of substance or mixture This product does not belong to the category of hazardous substances according to EU Regulation No. 1272/2008 and Directives 67/548 / EC and 1999/45 / EC / Thus, there is no obligation to prepare a safety data sheet in accordance with the GSS, Section 1.5.2.


Сульфанол Ташкент

Composition and properties. Sulfanol is a mixture of sodium salts. They are among the surface active substances (detergents) that are highly soluble in water and have emulsifying properties.

Sulfanol is used in construction in the manufacture of foam concrete and concrete with a cellular structure.

Sulfanol is used as an active base in the production of synthetic detergents (powdered, pasty, liquid), car cosmetics, foaming agent, emulsifier, wetting agent, in the oil and gas industry to increase the yield of layers, in the paint and leather industry, in the production of latex, filled rubbers, as well as in other industries.

Sulfanol powder is the sodium salt of alkylbenzenesulfonic acid. Appearance: white to yellow-brown powdery substance.

Application of sulfanol:

Sulfonol powder is intended for use in the production of powdered synthetic detergents, the production of organic synthesis, as well as in other industries as a surfactant.

Sulfonol powder is intended for use in the oil and gas industry to increase the yield of reservoirs.

Quality Indicators for Ts 23390274-01:2015

All detergents and cleaners are certified, have the appropriate permits and recommendations for use.


Сертификат соответствия смачиватель ОП-10
сертификат смачиватель ОП-10
Гигиенический сертификат смачиватель ОП-10
сертификат соответствия смачиватель ОП-10
санитарно-эпидемиологический сертификат смачиватель ОП-10
Сертификат смачиватель ОП-10
Смачиватель ОП-10

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